Is The Afterlife The Biggest Wake-Up Call?

The Real Afterlife

After 8 years of personal experiences and research, I discovered that the afterlife is the ultimate wake-up call. It is the final liberation from this 3rd dimensional reality. When we leave this earth plane, we discover the truth that has been kept from us in this earthly reality.

Basically, all souls from the afterlife can see what's really going on and they know the full truth. They either know from what's been told or they can observe it for themselves. I know from personal experience that they watch us a lot of the time and that they are very awakened souls.

For example, they know who did 911, because they watched the whole thing from their perspective. There are no secrets in the astral world. Also, I also realised that these beings are telepathic and telepathy is the standard normal way of communicating in the afterlife.

I am sure that this experience largely depends on how awake each soul is upon transformation to the afterlife. Eventually everybody will know the truth, and that's all that matters in the end. With telepathic communication, you will no longer be tricked in the afterlife, like we do in the 3rd dimension.

Another important aspect of passing over to the afterlife is the first experience of looking down at your body for the very first time. This in itself, can have a major impact on every soul that has this experience. Either way, it is a transformative experience beyond anything anyone can imagine.