The Science of EVP

The Science of Electronic Voice Phenomena

Many years ago it was predicated by inventor Thomas Edison that technology would be created that would allow a recorder to capture voices from the spirit world. In my findings and experiences using EVP I have concluded that this is the case.

Having now done and documemented 100's of EVP Examples over a decade, I no longer have any doubt they exist. So, how do I capture EVP what's my process to all of this?. Let me explain.

In recording EVP sessions, I usually have some observations that I use during the analysis phase of an actual recording. So what are these observations?

When analysing EVP, I do the following:

  • Firstly, I listen to whether or not the voices I am hearing are close to the microphone on my digital recorder. I usually record with normal background sounds such as TV, and make my judgements based on that. Most of the time the voice will overlap over the the background noise such as a television. I have had this happen many times, and although not all EVP's have the background sound on constantly, most of the time they do.
  • Secondly, the other thing I look for is my name being mentioned, this has happended a lot and I have many examples of EVP saying my name countless times. This is how I know I am getting real authentic EVP.
  • Thirdly, I also look for what is being said, if I ask questions, are the EVP's responding to my questions?. This happens a lot in my recordings, and they more often that not answer my questions. Sometimes I get unexpected answers, but that's just part of the terroritory of EVP.
Here is an audio sample of a great example of EVP. This recording has a television running in the background and during the recording a voice leaps out overlapping over the background noise.

Here is the original raw recording: This EVP say's "We're going to win".

Notice how the EVP stands out from the background noise of a television?. This is a great example of EVP and how it can be a great tool to communicate with the spirit world.

All recording devices can capture stuff from beyond this reality, whether its EVP or ghosts caught on camera.