The Truth and Reality About Ghosts


Evidence of ghosts has historically gone back many years. Countless people have said to of witnessed ghosts in their homes, pubs, and anywhere hauntings might take place. But are spirits all ghosts? Simple answer, no they are not. The truth is, spirits are actually just like us and not aimless spirits going through walls and haunting homes and cemetery's.

Ghost hunting shows will indicate to you that ghosts are real and really do haunt locations. At this point, I am not saying that hauntings are not real, it may happen on occasions. But the true reality is a lot different to the mainstream perspective. Most spirits are not ghosts, they are full living entities just like you and me.

In fact, we share a common bond with them, because of our experiences. I myself, have not seen ghosts in my life so far, but a lot of people claim they do. The main problem with ghost hunting shows is basically deceptive. A lot of the time they never find much when conducting analysis of different locations.

The reality is, spirits have to be treated with respect and not treated as aimless forms of energy. Yes spirits in this reality can appear as orbs of light. But that's just from this earthly perspective, it's not how things really are.

We are forms of energy, yes, but in our full astral light bodies. We are not just orbs of light floating around, we are fully developed souls, that are inter-dimensional in nature. The fact that ghost huntings shows try to upset spirits, in order to get a reaction, is really disrespectful in my opinion. When recording EVP myself, I went into it with no preconception at all and was willing to give spirits a voice. In turn, I had respect from them, and positive feedback from my recording sessions.

There are only two ways I would suggest spirits could haunt. One thing is "the void", which is the place people go before entering the light. Hauntings could manifest from the void, before souls decide eventually to leave and enter the light. The second possibility, could be residual energy left behind from a particular soul. This would then explain many weird encounters people report, especially the hauntings themselves.