Further Evidence

More evidence

The subject of the afterlife has been much debated for many years by scientists, a lot of them denouncing that the afterlife is impossible to exist. They claim its impossible for us to exist beyond death due to the universal laws of Physics. I completely disagree, through not only my research and experiences, I have concluded without a shadow of a doubt that the afterlife exists.

Our body and consciousness are two separate entities, and when upon death these two entities separate from each other. The human soul is just pure electrical energy and cannot be distinguished. To be told by scientists that we only have one life that we live and we just die and cease to exist is laughable.

Based on my research and experiences, I know for a fact that we continue to live on not just for multiple lifetimes, but for eternity.

Here's why:

Buddhist belief on the nirvana
Buddhism has for thousands of years has long concluded that life continues after death. The buddha himself was aware of this truth, and that this truth has been handed down many generations. They also state that karma also plays a part in re-incarnation and how our lives pan out.

Psychics and mediums
Psychics and mediums all claim to be able to communicate with the afterlife and be able to channel different beings. Something, which has been happening for thousands of years.

Ancient Egyptians
The ancient Egyptians also believed strongly in the afterlife, going as far as preserving bodies of the dead in preparation for the afterlife. They called this "Ka", a life force energy that carries on lifetime after lifetime.

Near Death Experience
People around the world have had many kind of near death experiences. They all decribe the tunnel of light, which I have personally heard myself, which happens to everybody.

Past life regression and past life recall
Many people around the world have experienced past life recall, which is a previous life that they had lived before. This comes from many adults and also common in children. Past life regression is also interesting, as people put under hypnosis, explain in detail a past life.

Electronic Voice Phenomena
EVP plays a major role in proof of an afterlife. On this website you will find a number of EVP's, that prove without a shadow of a doubt that life after death exists.