Is There An Astral Alliance?

The Astral Alliance

Throughout my communications with astral beings from the afterlife, I discovered something very important. There is an astral alliance from the astral world that exists. This was indicated many times when in communication with these beings. The astral beings are supporting us through difficult times through other dimensions.

These beings know the truth and are helping us bring light to planet earth. Of course, we are talking about not one dimension here, we are talking about multiple dimensions. These spirits share a common connection, as they have also been humans as well. My self in particular, shares a deep connection to these astral beings.

At this point, it is unknown what the end result will be, as there are many agendas on planet earth, some good, some really bad. There is a connection to extra-terrestrials and astral beings. But that is not the point of this website, my main focus is on what's happening in the astral world.

It was indicated to me that there is an actual attempt to fix what's gone wrong in this 3rd dimension. I have no doubt that this is the case, and they are infact helping us. They can help us to a degree from another dimension, but only a little, they can't work miracles.

There is an E.T alliance that exists too, that's working along side the astral alliance. We are not short of support, eventually, I believe things will be resolved, one way or another. They are helping to defeat the dark forces that occupy this planet and other places in this universe. In the end, it is a universal effort and massive in scope.

There is also many of us here that are the earth alliance members too. This consists of light workers, truth seekers, and researchers. Not everybody is on the same page, some of us are at different levels of awakening on planet earth.

Right now, the universe has the following support of:

  • The Earth Alliance
  • The Astral Alliance
  • The E.T Alliance

All alliances are working towards planet liberation, which has been on-going for quite some time.