The EVP Discovery and History

Back in 2009, I had made an amazing discovery that changed my life forever. I had been watching ghost hunting programs on TV and came across "EVP", that was being conducted on the shows. At the time, I thought it was very interesting and wanted to try it out myself. I never thought I would get results and wasn't expecting much from it at all.

It all started when I went to visit a busy pub here in England. I went with my family to have an evening out, which was very enjoyable. I had taken my mobile phone with me. About 15 minutes into the dinner, I pulled out my mobile phone and decided to hit the record button.

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EVP Evidence

EVP is voices captured on digital equipment, such as mobile phones etc. EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena. It is usually captured when voice recorders are recording background noise and get caught digitally or on analogue tape recorders.

Astral beings or spirits, use what is called a carrier wave to communicate from another dimension. EVP can be captured from various places, including, anything from local bars, restaurants, pubs, back gardens, or simply anywhere that provides the right conditions. EVP from a mainstream perspective has in general bad press and expresses risks associated with the phenomena.

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The EVP Manual

Welcome to the EVP Manual ebook. This is a comprehensive guide to recording EVP and getting the best results from my finely tuned techniques. I have been a EVP analyst since I started recording EVP back in 2009. Since then, I have practiced various ways of recording EVP, which I will present in this ebook.

Recording EVP requires a lot of practice, and it generally gets easier the more you practice. Like anything in life, you get better at doing it and recording EVP is no different. In the end, it becomes a skill and is quite rewarding, once you've mastered the techniques I outline in this ebook.

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About The Founder

My name is Steve James Watson and I am the founder of the Astral Institute organisation. For a decade now, I have been an EVP analyst having paranormal experiences from contact with spirits. This website was setup to provide evidence and research on the afterlife phenomena.

In 2001, I achieved a grade distinction in web design and development and became a qualified web designer. And for over 10 years I applied my trade in building websites for a number of clients and had worked for a number of companies dealing in design.

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Featured Articles

Featured articles of extensive research of the afterlife.

Further Evidence

The subject of the afterlife has been much debated for many years by scientists, a lot of them denouncing that the afterlife is impossible to exist.

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The Truth About Ghosts

Evidence of ghosts has historically gone back many years. Countless people have said to of witnessed ghosts in their homes, pubs.

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Through my personal experiences with the spirit world, I discovered many amazing things. Firstly, there is no death, and life just continues.

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Biggest Wake-Up Call

After 8 years of personal experiences and research, I discovered that the afterlife is the ultimate wake-up call. It is the final liberation.

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The Astral Alliance

Throughout my communications with astral beings from the afterlife, I discovered something very important. There is an astral alliance.

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Yin Yang Philosophy

The yin and yang philosophy dates back thousands of years originating from china. The yin and yang symbol and philosophy state.

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